Camp Creek Threshers Scholarship Guidelines

Eligibility of Applicants

  • Child or Grandchild of a CCT member or a CCT volunteer with a recommendation from a CCT member

  • Member of the Waverly FFA or Waverly Boy Scouts and has been active in supporting CCT as a volunteer through one of these programs

  • Applicate must be eligible to attend either an accredited 2 or 4 year institution after high school graduation or by having achieved the equivalent of a high school diploma in the form of a GED

Application Requirements

  • Complete a CCT Scholarship Application (in ink, or typed, keep a copy for your records)

  • Complete a 200 word essay about yourself (in ink or typed)

  • Complete a 200 word essay on recommendations to attract more people in your age group to the annual show (in ink or typed)

  • Completed Guidance Counselor Recommendation Form (if applicant has earned a GED then this form can be completed by a non-relative character reference)

  • The application must be received by CCT in no later than March 20 of the current calendar year

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