Look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.

Will keep you posted on any new developments.



With Covid 19 in the news and impacting our daily lives and how we conduct our meetings for Camp Creek.  We are doing our best to practice social distancing, protecting our members and take care of Camp Creep business.  Our General Membership Meeting will be conducted as a live meeting that you can view on-line from your computer at home.  If you have any business for the meeting please contact one of your board members so it can be added to the agenda.  Below is the information to connect with the live meeting.  We will also have a link on our web page.  If you have trouble viewing the meeting online; we will get the minutes out as quickly as possible to you all.  For the foreseeable future our meeting will be conducted on-line until a time when it is safe for large groups to gather.   


We will be having Board meetings but these will have the board members and officers in attendance only.  Please do not attend or this will take us over our numbers for a safe gathering and we will have to ask you to leave.  Thank you so much for your understanding. 


If you are in need or know of any of our members in need of something during these trying times please let myself or any of the officers or board members know and we will do our best to try to find a way to be helpful.


Mike Faughn

CCT President